FlexHyJoin:                               Flexible Production Cell                    for Hybrid Joining


Multi-material systems combining metals with thermoplastic fiber reinforced polymer composites (TP-FRPC) are one of the major topics for lightweight design in the automotive industry.


However, the joining of metal with TP-FRPC components remains main issue.


Currently, no approach exists which sufficiently meets the three core requirements:

  1. Weight reduction
  2. Cost and time efficiency and
  3. Bonding strength




  1. Combination of 2 complementary joining technologies: Induction Joining and Laser Joining to achieve maximum weight neutrality.
  2. Design of a fully automatized pilot process including an overall process control and supervision system leading to maximum cost & time efficiency and application in mass automotive manufacturing.
  3. Integration of a surface texturing method resulting in a form closure providing high mechanical bonding performance.


The right material in the right place.

10 companies from science and industry form the FlexHyJoin consortium.

Cooperating together we aim to meet the requirements of CO2 emission targets of manufacturers.


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